How many guitar picks does Pickbay hold?
PickBay holds 1-3 guitar picks depending on the gauge. Each Pickbay is Hand-cast and hand polished – every PickBay is a unique piece of art.

Thin, medium, heavy–Pick Bay holds almost any standard “351-style” guitar pick you’ll find – Fender, Dunlop, Gibson, Grover Allman (7 Kings), Gretsch, Martin, Wabash, Clayton, photo picks and others.

Here’s a breakdown of how many picks it will hold based on Fender specs of .46mm (thin), .71mm (medium), and 1mm (heavy):

3-4 Thin
1 Medium and 1 thin
1-2 Medium
1 Heavy + 1Thin
2 Heavy (depending on thickness)

Can I wear my concert picks in Pickbay?
Display your concert picks to get you started being cooler than your friends.
Proudly display your concert picks and autographed picks everywhere you go. Your picks are safe and secure but easily interchangeable so you change your look anytime!

Where does Pickbay ship from?
All orders ship from Los Angeles.

What is IPG finish?
*Gold IPG & *Red Gold IPG is a durable ionic finish applied to a stainless steel base (superior to electroplating) and guaranteed not to fade or tarnish under normal wearing conditions and occasional polishing.


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