Pickbay Plectra Holder Necklace in Stainless Steel


Pickbay Plectra Holder Necklace in Stainless Steel


Plectra holder necklace set! PICKBAY Guitar Pick Holder Pendant! 100% SOLID Stainless Steel hypoallergenic PICKBAY and 3.2mm Custom bigger ball chain set plus 3+ guitar picks in a velvet polishing pouch.

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Pickbay Plectra Holder Necklace In Stainless Steel set! Musician gift solved! PICKBAY guitar pick holder pendant necklaces holds 1-3 guitar picks for the guitar players and displays your favorite concert guitar pick as art. Best gift for the musician and music fan! This is one gift everyone will love! Shiny 100% hypoallergenic Stainless steel PICKBAY comes with a FENDER pick plus a bag of 5+ guitar picks (plectums), a 24″ custom stainless steel 3.2mm bead chain all packaged together in a velvet polishing pouch, ready for gift giving! Ships from Los Angeles.
This piece is patented & trademarked and is solely created and distributed by PICKBAY.com
The ORIGINAL PICKBAY! Shiny CHROME SOLID Stainless Steel PICKBAY set. Proudly display your concert picks, branded or favorite jewel-tone picks everywhere you go. Your picks are safe and secure but easily interchangeable so you change your look anytime! Every PickBay is unique–each pendant is hand cast and hand polished with care. This combo which includes a Shiny Chrome Stainless Steel PickBay & 3.2mm matching bigger ball chain, colorful jewel-tone guitar picks, and a polishing bag that serves double duty as a polishing pouch.
The easiest way to insert or release a pick is to place your thumb over the front surface of the pendant. Then slide the pick in, using your thumb to guide it. Be sure that pick is all the way in. You’ll sometimes hear it “snap in” place under the chain shuttle which acts as a stopper, holding the pick or picks in place.
To remove a pick, simply push the pick up and out with your thumb. You can even bend the chain bail slightly to make sure it covers the pick making sure it’s secure and the other way for easier release.
You’ll be planning your wardrobe around your picks and vice-versa once you get started.
The core metal of this pendant is solid Stainless steel with super shiny chrome look that fits all rock, metal, goth wardrobes. This PICKBAY will never tarnish nor fade. Here’s a breakdown of how many picks it will hold based on Fender specs of .46mm (thin), .71mm (medium), and 1mm (heavy): 3 Thin 2 Medium 1 Medium and 1 thin 1 Medium 1 Thin 1 Heavy.
Thin, medium, heavy picks, PickBay holds almost every size guitar pick you’ll find. It’s not just for Fender anymore; it’s also a little bigger allowing most Dunlop, Gibson, Grover Allman, Addian, and photo picks.
Proudly display your concert picks and autographed picks everywhere you go. Your picks are safe and secure but easily interchangeable so you change your look anytime! ***PICKBAY is only sold online by the original designer & manufacturer of PICKBAY guitar pick holder pendant.

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